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The Sound of Memory: Dead Bodies, Unicycling Policemen and a Lot of Laughter

  After the success of our last gig, it’s onwards and upwards for the choir with a difference. As the  title suggests, the theme for our summer concert is all about how we remember what’s past; for memories, both personal

  • Guinness, Whisky and Mead: Flavours of Celtic Music

    Join us for an evening of beautiful gaelic ballads, rollicking celtic rock and plucky pop from the nations of Scotland, Wales and Ireland, performed with all the panache and energy you would expect from notorious. We’re also have some superb

  • 12 days of Christmas notorious style

    We just love this very special 12 days of Christmas performance from our Yuletide gig at macarts last year featuring members of our ever supportive audience! click here to see the 12 Day’s of Christmas and give yourself some instant Christmas

  • Celtic Cracker to come!

    No Christmas gig from notorious this year as we’ve been giving Mr Britten our full attention, however we can announce our next gig will be a Celtic cracker of a gig! So get the 29th March 2014 at Kings Heath

  • Who are the Pickled Boys?

    by photographer Adrian Burrows The inspiration for the promotional imagery that accompanies the concert comes from the story of the Pickled Boys and their resurrection by St Nicolas from the butcher’s pickling barrel. The story features in the seventh movement